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“Eric was very friendly, welcoming and understanding of my situation. He gave very good advice, which enabled me to make progress with musculoskeletal issues. Eric was honest and helpful providing me a path for alternative treatment, for an injury which has gone undiagnosed and cannot be treated with physio.”

Rach F

“I can't recommend Eric enough.
After a car hit me from behind while I was stationary, i was left feeling tight, sore and unable to move with any speed.
I found it hard to find any position comfortable, and sleep was almost impossible.
My overall movement was very limited, and the strength was minimal.
Eric explained all that was happening with my back, in terms I could understand and why the exercises were necessary.
He massaged the tightness away leaving my back more free and able to exercise.
The exercises were simple but very effective.
First freeing the tightness, then strengthening my back and core.
Within a few weeks i was feeling more like myself again.
I still have a way to go, but feel confident that with Eric's help I will make a good recovery.
Thank you Eric.”

Jamie Scrivens

“Eric was very professional and definitely knows what he is doing. I had been experiencing lower back pain from a sports related injury and was amazed by how much stronger I I felt within weeks of visiting him. Eric was informative and educated me on the stages to my recovery which helped alot as it made me understand the issue rather than just rely on him to 'fix' me so I understand what to do for long term. He always stopped to ask me if I had any questions and I appreciated his patience and honesty as it has made a difference. Would definitely recommend.”

Manpreet Atwal

“Eric has been absolutely amazing from start to finish. He has always managed to fit around me and my hectic work schedule, nothing is ever too much trouble. The programme he put together for me has helped me to understand my injury and how to recover from it. Would highly recommend him to anybody”

Laura Watton

“Eric has been great! I was referred to Eric through my car insurance following a car accident. The support and advice he gave me have really helped.
He’s a really friendly and professional guy that put me at ease straight away and he has given me great support the whole way through my treatment, fitting the appointments around me.
Would definitely recommend going to see him.”

Kalle Gorman

“Eric is very professional and a very good Physiotherapst. Eric was able to help me with my two injuries knowing exactly what exercises to give me to do. The exercises for my knee helped reduce my knee pain within a matter of days. I would recommend Eric to my friends and family.”

Julie Placentino

“After having a car accident we were referred to Eric for physiotherapy for my daughter's back and neck injury. He was very friendly, helpful and gave clear instructions. With his guidance there was a vast improvement in pain and mobility after eight sessions. Would highly recommend.”

Rebecca Smith

“Eric at Vital Physiotherapy was patient during my recovery after an RTA. The exercise program he put me on really helped ease the pain so I could get back on with my life and started doing the basis thing I could not do.
I would definitely recommended him to all my friends and family.
Thanks very much”

Camille Campbell

“Great experience, being able to get the help that I actually need and benefit from it is amazing and my physiotherapist Eric was absolutely amazing every step of the way. It’s a shame that the limit is only 5 stars because I could easily have given more so Thank You!”

AllRound Gaming

“I was being treated by Eric over a period of 9 weeks, he was absolutely great, very caring and patient with everything that I was doing and also very understanding. I would definitely recommend seeing Eric, definitely one of the best!!”

Wolfat Safi

“I have been having physio with Eric for the last few months, before I went I was having problems with my arm after a accident, he has made my arm alot better were I find it easier in work, highly recommended lovely attitude and a good professional, thanks Mike Regola”

Michael Regola

I was sent here for physio therapy, the service was excellent and appointments varied around my schedule which was a bonus. Eric was able to give me exercises to repair and strengthen my body and then advise on lifestyle changes and how to get myself back in working order. A true professional and great support.”

Mohammed Atif

“I was pleasantly surprised how person centred the exercise program is. Eric is a true professional , took some time to understand my issues and gave me a full diagnosis. I have made good progress and thank you for a great service Eric!”

Sipho Mzuza

“My treatment plan with Eric was wonderful. He me feel comfortable and worked with my needs . He explained everything thoroughly and was very pleasant towards me. If I ever need him again in the future I will surely be contacting him”

Deepa Khan

“I was seen for nearly two months by Eric the physiotherapist from Vital Physio for a back, neck, legs and shoulder issue due to an accident. I can say the treatment was successful, as I am now able to resume my daily activities without pain.


Eric was a great help both with his 1-1 sessions but also with the multiple exercises they provided me using their online platform, which made it easier for me to keep up with it and also for them to monitor my recovery. I would recommend both Vital Physio and Eric due to their professionalism and great help.”

Steven Hughes

“Absolutely brilliant, such a knowledgeable guy, very understanding, gave me the correct exercises for my issue which helped massively.
Can’t recommend highly enough.
Thank you Eric”

Steven Hughes

“Good service has been provided. Proper examination was done prior to commencement of treatment. Exercises were explained and difficulty of each were gradually increased based on my level of function. Encouragement and motivation were given each visit. Will use their service again in future should there be a need to.”

Bonette Nasol

“Vital Physio helped me recover from injuries I recently sustained from an RTA. Eric's attention to detail, patience and physio course had me regain my strength as well as reduce pains & aches I suffered and I would recommend them to everyone.”

Arnold Sebutinde

“With the support and guidance shown to me by Erik I'm finally getting back to normal with my shoulder and arm. The accident left me with a weak arm. Erik provided me with targeted and bespoke treatment that has seen me recover all the movement in my arm and shoulder. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Erik."

Shagufta Abbas

“My personal experience with Dr Eric Was incredible I
I'm feeling much better I would always recommend
Him to any who need his services ,it was always a pleasure seeing him on rack sessions.”

Maria Bryan

“I have been seeing Eric over the last 8 weeks post a car collision I was unfortunately involved in and at the time I had severe pains in my neck, lower back and left leg. With Eric’s support, advice guidance and expertise I can safely say that I am 100% on the right track to recovery. He is very thorough and very easy to get a long with. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you Eric.”

Sunil Ajay Guddu

“I have received an excellent and bespoke service recently that fulfil my needs in a challenging time. Understanding and flexibility were two main parameters made my experience with Eric an excellent one. Many thanks”

Arian Aryanfard

“I am very pleased with the service and support received at Vital Physio. Eric was professional, positive and always reassured me when I'd had a bad week. Impeccable service. Would recommend to anyone in need of Physio. Thank you Eric!”

T Shaw

“I would like to say a great big thank you to Eric from vital physio. Your extensive treatment has helped me immensely after my recent injury. Thank you for your positive attitude and constant encouragement when the pain was unbearable. You were right though!!!! You made it better with determination and your extensive knowledge when I wasn't so sure. Sincere thanks. Craig.”


“Eric at Vital physiotherapy has been extremely helpful in the weeks following my car accident, I was given a full range of recovery exercises to work through and even when I was struggling the most, he encouraged me to continue on. The service was thorough and not rushed every time I visited in clinic, and the communication was always there when it came to appointments and my recovery programme.”

Jordan Holland

" Eric was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, approachable and made the sessions interesting/fun with the varied exercises. He was always happy to answer any issues/queries raised during treatment or out of hours when any pain occured i was concerned about.. "

Edward Price

" I have been so impressed with vitalphysio from the initial phone call to book an appointment (very friendly) to my first meeting with Eric who quickly diagnosed the problem and then to the two-pronged approach to treatment, ie seeing Eric for regular massage and monitoring, combined with regular rehab/exercise sessions. Both approaches have meant that my shoulder issue has considerably improved, and I have found the experience so positive that I am now attending Pilates sessions as well. Would highly recommend vitalphysio's professional, knowledgeable and friendly team. "

Sophie Bray

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